F & B

Beans 33 Coffee Shop

Beans 33 Coffee Shop become one of the most favorite place for coffee lover to enjoy the day with friends, colleagues or family. Favorite beverage is Ice Cube (Frozen Coffe) and Favorite food is Soto Tangkar.
Beans 33 Coffee Shop serves for 24 hours and place to have tasty buffet breakfast located at lobby Karibia Boutique Hotel

The Eight Lounge & Bar

Sit your fatigue away here, accompanied with light music, cocktails, and local snacks. Complimentary billiard games to keep you and your friends spirited.

Royal Caribbean's Club

Located at 6th Floor, Royal Caribbean's Club is a great place to enjoy live music, such as local bands, DJs as well as special performance from groups of other cities and countries. Along with wide varieties of cocktails and both local and western cuisine, Caribbean's Club will make your night brighter than ever.

Green Village

Located on Ground Floor, Green Village serves healthy vegetarian cuisine in modern style.