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North Sumatra is a province of Indonesia on the Sumatra Island. This province has a special uniqueness in national economy arrangement. This province is agarics area which becomes development center of plantation and horticulture, also one of industrial development centers and tourism gates in Indonesia in the other side. It happened because natural resources potential and ecosystem characteristic which are very conducive to region and national economic development.

Its capital is Medan, the most populous Indonesian province outside of Java. Medan is the third largest city in Indonesia. The City has a mix of communities, reflecting its history. There are Melayu, Batak, Padang and Chinese.

The seaport of Belawan is about 20 km to the north, as the main seaport which direct connection to Malacca Strait. A toll highway connects Medan to Belawan. It takes about 90 minutes to Kuala Namu International Airport by car and 35 minutes by Railink Train Station accross from Centre Point Mall.

Medan City is still growing in many sectors, such as: tourism, industrial, plantation, transportation, agricultural and automotive project. Medan is a transit going to another area for their project, such as: Oil and gas project, pln, inalum project.

From airlines, will be opened new route to Nederland, by Garuda Indonesia. Its shows the demand of tourist or business people to Medan already increases.

Karibia Boutique Hotel is one of modern four star hotel and one and only iconic hotel promises you comfort and friendly hospitality to fulfill the particular needs of every individual whether for leisure or business stay.
Convinently located within Medan business district and shopping malls such as 50m from Centre Poin Mall, 80m from Murni Teguh Hospital, 200m from railink station, 800m from traditional market, 1,2KM from Merdeka Walk.